Uncanny X-Men #305 (1993)

This issue starts with a gun pointed at you.

Rogue, Bishop, and Iceman fight a bunch of mutant-hunting soldiers and when Bishop hits them with his bioelectric power they melt—because they’re not human.


This is the first appearance of Phalanx Covenant—a group of technobeings patterned using the X-Men’s old alien friend, Warlock.

To investigate what the creatures are, Rogue tries to absorb them.  All she learns is that one is named “Hodge,” which will be a reference to the character Cameron Hodge, who died during X-Tinction Agenda.  The demon responsible for Inferno had made Hodge a deal to resurrect him if he died, so it seems this is the fruition of that deal.

Also, the government has built a Magneto-proof suit of armor, and Storm steals it–at Xavier’s instruction.

Storm is clear that she believes this behavior is inappropriate, and tells the Professor.  Interesting that he didn’t use X-Force for this mission, given that they’re clearly down with breaking the law.

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