WEST COAST AVENGERS #10 (1986): 1st Headlok


I love this splash page. Except that Tigra, as usual, looks like a tramp.

At the end of his titular series, Thing mutated and ran away.  Now, he’s in hiding. In a trenchcoat.

Hawkeye talks to Wasp, who tells him he can grow his team’s membership.

So he and his teammates start looking for Thing, hoping to recruit him.  Instead of Thing, they find two lame villains, one new and one very old: Headlok and Griffin.

Headlok is the new one.  Griffin is the old one:

Headlok can take over people’s minds, but only if the person doesn’t actively resist. Seriously. That’s his power.

“What a great fight!” No, it’s not.  And “What an extremely odd thing to say while being scratched in the face!”

I can’t believe this is the same Steve Englehart who wrote a seminal run on Captain America.  This is just bad.

At the end, Thing tells the team to leave him alone and Firebird quits because they picked Thing over her for membership (they couldn’t have added two people to the team?  It takes all of them to take down Griffin and Headlock—seems they could use more help!)


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