AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #59-61 (1967)

Short version: Kingpin brainwashes Captain Stacy, and Spidey saves the day.

Longer version…


These are the roots of the Spider-Man/Stacy relationship, which becomes about as tight as Commissioner Gordon and Batman’s.  Actually, Spidey’s arguably even more open with Stacy.

The cover to #60 is awesome.  And unlike many awesome covers, this actually happens inside the book.

Kingpin is supposed to be a normal guy, albeit a large, heavy and strong one.  Spider-Man has super strength.  This should never happen:

It always annoyed me that Kingpin was kind of super-human.

Anyway, Kingpin’s men have hypnotized Captain Stacy into committing crimes.

Spidey knows it, which of course causes Peter Parker torment.

Everything causes Peter stress.

After Captain Stacy snaps out of his brainwashing, Kingpin orders a hit on both him and his daughter.

But like most villains, he’s too stupid to just kill them.  Instead, he plans to drop a vat of boiling acid on them.

Spider-Man and Norman Osborn arrive just as Kingpin’s men are about to kill the father and daughter, and save the day.

Meanwhile, MJ is a club dancer.

And she gets her own Spidey interaction.

Yeah, it’s the beginning of their relationship…

When he’s beating up the thugs, there is a rare recognition of Spider-Man’s super strength…

This makes his fight with Kingpin, above, all the more ponderous.

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