POWER MAN AND IRON FIST #93-94 (1983): New Chemistro

It’s never good when two artists do a two-parter. It breaks the continuity. But then again, we get to see Ernie Chan drawing a full issue (#94, while Denys Cowan did #93), and Kurt Busiek’s writing is great.

Luke Cage interferes with Chemistro’s attempt to get supplies, so the heroes for hire find themselves on the bad end of Chemisto’s transformation gun.

This is a new Chemistro. Although they don’t really explain who he is.

And no, of course that image on the cover doesn’t actually happen in the comic.  This is what actually happens when Chemistro tries to alter the chemistry of Luke Cage’s invulnerable body:

Yeah, he loses his shirt again.

He does it again in the next issue, too.

I’m not sure why, but Chemistro really captured my imagination when I read this. I love these issues out of proportion to how good they actually are.

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