SPIDER-MAN TEAM UP #1-5 (1995-1996): Clone Saga Issues

The House of Ideas is struggling hard, so they try to bring back Marvel Team-Up.

It’s the Ben Reilly version. Not a fan. But in the first issue, he’s written like he’s Peter Parker, with all the wisecracking and humility and stuff. J Jonah Jameson calls superheroes freaks. There’s a lot of ’90s-style posing.

As I’ve said before, I’m not covering the clone saga issues on principle. I’m including this post for completion only.

I will say, though, that #5 is written by Steve Gerber who has a cameo by Savage Dragon and…Elf with a Gun!!!!

Issues #6 and 7 are Peter Parker issues, after the Clone Saga. So I will be covering those.

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