UNCANNY X-MEN #353-354 (1998)

There’s some solid downtime moments in this issue, including Rogue offering to access Joseph’s memories to help him figure out what his deal is–and by the end of the story, she does touch him (while he is unconscious) and feels so guilty about it that she goes out to see if she can get her powers removed at a new gene research facility.

Other nice touches are Jean Grey showing signs that the Phoenix power is returning and Wolverine giving a tour of the school for a Department of Education official. There’s also a touchbase reminding us that Deathbird and Bishop are still out in space together, with her essentially doing the “Misery” thing–keeping him sick so he can’t move.

But the main story has Sauron attacking the X-Men.

I like how Bachalo draws him.

The X-Men beat him up.

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