INCREDIBLE HULK #417-419 (1994): Rick Jones’ Wedding

Yes, these two issues are as fun as the cover to #417.


These issues also feature Hulk’s first honest psychotherapy appointment with Doc Samson (in which he makes connections to his inner child issues) and move the plot forward in a few other ways, but mostly…


Silly fun.

Rick Jones and Marlo get married. But first, the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Rick’s is pretty normal–except for Nick Fury hiring a stripper who dresses like a super-villain. Oh, and apparently Rick’s intended made some blue movies…

She-Hulk shows up to Marlo’s party.

And look who the officiant at the wedding is…Peter David!

Drax crashes. Because every Marvel wedding needs a crasher.

Mephisto crashes it, too, and hints that there’s some big thing afoot.

He gets beat up and flees.

We don’t find out what his big scheme is during in this tale.

Death comes to the wedding, too, since Marlo recently almost died…

That’s the version of Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, so I’m marking this as a crossover.

Issue #419 is mostly the afterparty, where, perhaps inspired by the wedding, Betty agrees to shack up with Hulk. And he fights some skrulls.

…It’s fun.  Remember when comics were fun?

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