SUNFIRE AND BIG HERO 6 #1-3 (1998)

This is a solid little comic series. It starts with a young, rich genius named Hiro Takachino and his robot bodygard Baymax tracking down his idol, Sunfire.

Sunfire is dying from his powers. The three–plus a few others–are recruited by Silver Samurai to join a new hero team. Although Sunfire says he’s too sick to join, Hiro tells him he’ll help figure out his condition.

There’s an adventure–a fun one–involving a villain who kidnaps Hiro’s mother, but the real story is that Sunfire DOESN’T get cured. After they save Hiro’s mother, Sunfire heads to Canada to try to find a cure through their Department H.

Despite the themes of dying and death, this is a terrific “all ages” book.

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