Black Panther #16-20 (2000)

Every run on Black Panther needs a Killmonger arc. This is Priest’s.

Killmonger has built his own city. Ross, standing in as ruler of Wakanda while Wakanda searches for Killmonger, finds the city–and compares Killmonger to Fidel Castro and Gordon Gecko. And also Donald Trump.

Nice. Ross also has a chance to interact with Brother Voodoo, who teleports him to New York using magic.

Killmonger is going by his birthname–N’Jadaka.

Meanwhile, Panther is in Harlem–teaming up with Luke Cage against his old foe Boss Morgan. It’s all out war in Harlem.

All the bad guys are employed by Killmonger, by the way.

It’s about this time when we learn Killmonger’s master plan: He wants to crash Wakanda’s economy by creating an IPO. The company, iFruit, is a fruit exporter that also provides black ops soldiers. Seriously. Priest is a genius.

Of course, eventually Panther and Killmonger have to fight.

And in order to be strong enough to do it, Panther needs more herbs. Because Killmonger wins the first round.

The only place to get them? The Temple of Khonshu.

That seems like a good place to stop. Panther needs Moon Knight’s help, and he gets it next issue.

Throughout this romp, Christopher Priest uses the literary device of unreliable narrators. The narrators switch, as a matter of fact, between characters who literally argue with each other about who is the best narrator. He also has the story loop back, timewise, on itself when Voodoo brings Ross from Africa to New York.

It’s a great read.

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