MOON KNIGHT #21 (1982): Brother Voodoo

Vicente Alcazar illustrates a very different, very strange, and very stupid issue of Moon Knight.

The hero goes down South to meet up with Brother Voodoo and fight zombies who ride skeleton alligators.

In any other comic, zombies riding skeleton alligators would be awesome. Sadly, Moon Knight really doesn’t work in this context. He’s not made for this kind of thing.

This is the first time Voodoo and MK met.

In retrospect, this may have been a missed opportunity. Moon Knight’s roots as a character were in werewolf hunting–having him bring a little realistic grit to an occult comic might have been a cool idea. Sadly, as with most Brother Voodoo books, it descends into an insulting portrayal of Haitian mysticism.

I like how Moon Knight calls Brother Voodoo “brother…”

Alcazar’s art makes Moon Knight look moon-faced.

Then, there’s a back up feature: Tales of Koshnu.  This is an entirely pointless Twilight Zone kinda thing that emphasizes the mystical power of Koshnu.

But it is creepy when a museum thief hides inside a Khonshu sarcophagus.

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