This book now has multiple ongoing plotlines, which is fun. Clea is trying to resolve problems in the Dark Dimension (and we don’t hear from her in these two issues). Doctor Strange is trying to reinstall himself as Sorcerer Supreme after being unseated. We see him briefly in these issues, trying to create a “forge” that will give him the power he needs to return home.

And the beings called Strange and Vincent are trying to figure out how they can continue to exist as the power of the spell that created them continues to dissipate. They are the focus of this story.

Vincent decides he will merge with Hulk and become the most powerful creature on Earth. He pretends to be Doctor Strange and summons Hulk suggesting that it is time to re-form The Defenders.

Hulk sees through it.

Similarly, after several failures convincing humans to merge with him, Strange tracks down the one human who knows how to merge: Rick Jones (who has previously shared a body and consciousness with Mar-Vell). Furthering the “merging” concept, Rick is on his honeymoon–newly married to Marlo.

And of course these two stories come together (I almost said “merge”!).

Their plans foiled, Strange and Stevens agree to merge (but we dont’ see them do it in this story).

In an “epilogue,” we see that Salome has not forgotten about Doctor Strange (who is still living in a pocket dimension).

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