INVADERS #1-4 (1993): 1st Silver Scorpion

Really for no good reason, Marvel let Roy Thomas write another Invaders story.

This one introduces “Battle Axis,” who are a bunch of new characters and guys who were part of the pre-Marvel age of comics but who have never been in the 616 before.

Most are not worth mentioning, but Doctor Nemesis will become an X-Men character, but not until 2008. I doubt I’ll run this blog past the year 2000 but we’ll see. I guess I’ll tag him. He’s the guy in the upper right.

The series also revives the 1940s character Silver Scorpion. Silver Scorpion will become a member of the Thunderbolts in 2000…

…So she gets a tag.

Also: Tubes!

As for the story: Doc Nemesis wants to blow California off of the end of the U.S. The Invaders stop him.

Also, I never realized how close Invaders foe Dr. Death was to Hulk.

And Namor has a stand-in penis.

Nothing terrible here, just not my bag.  And better than it should have been.

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