AVENGERS #209 (1981)

Beast’s old girlfriend Vera shows up at the mansion to ask for help.

Jarvis serves her tea, and she falls to the ground.

Skrulls use poison tea.

The skrull is there to ask for help. He poisoned Vera as a way to essentially hold her hostage–keeping the cure–to force The Avengers to get a resurrection stone.

I guess the team doesn’t subscribe to Ronald Reagan’s “we don’t do business with terrorists” philosophy.

The mission involves time-travel to the days of the Nazis.

I take back what I said about the Reagan doctrine: Despite having jumped through time to get the stone, once they bring it back to the skrull, Beast simply crushes and destroys it. (Why go through all the trouble to get it, then?). This means Vera must be preserved so she doesn’t die from the poison. And you know what that means…

Yes, a tube.

Vera will be cured in Defenders #105.

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