SLEEPWALKER #12-16 (1992): Color Blindness; 1st Spectra

After a skirmish with Nightmare, Sleepwalker is attacked by Spectra, a new villain who has light powers.

The use of light on Sleepwalker makes him literally go crazy.

Just to help the reader, the splash page to #14 summarizes that Spectra is a force that turns humans into living rainbows. Which (a) does not sound threatening at all and (b) is remarkably close to Doctor Spectrum.

Wonder why they didn’t just use Spectrum?

Then a group called The Thought Police track Sleepwalker down, and for some reason the Fantastic Four are first working with the Thought Police, but then against them.

Yeah, I read these really, really quickly.  This book is just a terrible twist on Nightmare on Elm Street.  There’s no reason for this book to exist, and little reason for me to revisit it here.

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