VENOM: SINNER TAKES ALL (1995): 1st She-Venom

For no good reason, this 5-issue miniseries starts with Eddie sleeping in a subway car. Two teens (one white, one black) decide to set him on fire. So Venom beats them to death.

You can tell this is supposed to be a funny interlude because of the sound effects.

From the subway, we jump to a scene outside a courthouse where…

…A new Sin Eater kills the guy who made the videogame that enabled Carnage to jump through modems and kill people in the last mini. Sin Eater then goes after the guy’s lawyer, who happens to be Ann Weying–Eddie Brock’s ex-wife.

You see where this is going, right? Sin-Eater finds them, shoots her, and to protect her from the gunshot wounds, Ann gets enshrouded by the symbiote.

That scene is gross. It certainly feels like rape.

They return to hide in the sewers and the thugs Venom killed in the opening scene have friends.

They find Eddie and Ann.

And becomes She-Venom.

When she comes to, Ann is not thrilled about these developments.

She runs, and the cops try to protect her. We are reminded again that Venom is not a real hero–he just eats criminals because it’s easier on the conscience for Eddie.

Yeah, Venom. That’s it. He was the original ACAB-er.

This Sin-Eater’s weapon has a special acronym.

And finally, in the end, Venom kills Sin-Eater.

And remember how in the last mini, we met a girl named Kristin, whose boyfriend was a bystander accidentally crippled by Venom?

Before the end of issue #5, Kristin’s mother, who happens to be an assassin. To avenge the injuries to her daughter’s boyfriend, she decides to kill Venom.

It doesn’t go well for her.

There are back-up stories in each issue. The ones in #1-4 are about The Jury–the gang of tech-powered cops introduced in Lethal Protector.

They kill Tarantula during the story. They also get a new member…

…And I’m certain that word balloon should be coming from Sentry, not Whisper. That’s a typo.

Then in #5, a SHIELD agent tries to inject Eddie with some kind of toxin so that he can steal the symbiote.

The backups are completely unremarkable.

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