Captain America #307 (1985): 1st Madcap!


Mark Gruenwald’s first issue, and the first appearance of the crazy-making Madcap.

I know he’s not everyone’s favorite, but I always liked Madcap.

At least, I liked him as he was originally envisioned by Mark Gruenwald. I know he got different and darker later.

He’s this yellow weirdo who makes people do crazy stuff when he shoots them with a bubble gun, and he’s essentially invulnerable to pain or damage.  He just kind of pops back into place.

There’s a cool sequence where Madcap’s bubbles make Nomad question his status as a sidekick…

Overall, this is really a Nomad issue. 

Cap doesn’t get to be a part of the madcap fun.  He’s busy flying home from last month’s issue, an adventure in England.

He’s recognized in England from his days as one of the Invaders rather than as an Avenger.  Which is of course ridiculous since The Avengers have saved the world dozens of times since WWII.

Cap uses his Avengers card to get free air fare, which actually seems pretty uncharacteristic of him.

Next issue will be the first Secret Wars II tie-in, but there’s a Serpent Squad story bubbling under the surface here and also in the coming issues. They’ll be regulars during Gruenwald’s extremely long run.

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