X-FACTOR #114 (1995)

A solid creative team takes a stab at this book, which as of last issue is now an arm of the Federal Government led by Forge and under Val Cooper’s supervision.

Cooper attempts to allow Mystique on a unique kind of probation: She has to wear a device that stops her from changing form into an X-Man or X-Factor member (what, no X-Force?) for more than a half a minute, and she can’t leave the vicinity of her new teammates.

Overall, it’s a downtime issue with each character getting a few panels on their current situation: Havok is wearing a power dampening suit because he’s lost control of his mutant abilities.

He’s not thrilled with Forge being the new boss.

Strong Guy is in a coma. Wild Child wants to defect to the U.S. from Canada and join X-FActor.

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