CABLE #17-19 (1994): The Dark Ride; Jeph Loeb’s run begins

New Dark Riders emerge, and they start by killing Foxbat.

This is the beginning of Jeph Loeb’s run, and he’s clearly trying to carve out his own piece of the massive and X-pansive X-universe.

Four of them are new characters, two are existing ones.

Meanwhile, Cable is investigating whether any Morlocks survived Mikhail Rasputin’s attempt to kill them all, following up on information from Thornn. Storm, former leader of the Morlocks, goes with Cable and they find Caliban hiding from the new Dark Riders.

He’s attacked, and Cable, Domino, and Storm defend him.

The Dark Riders flee, and using Caliban’s powers, the team tracks them to Egypt where they learn that the Riders’ new leaders is Tyler Dayspring…

Cable’s son from the future. He announces his plan to be the new Apocalypse, and calls himself Genesis.

More battles and stuff before both sides go their separate ways. Of course it all ends in a big explosion, and in the wreckage…

…It seems Apocalypse emerges. Or maybe it’s a misdirect. (It’s not.–Age of Apocalypse starts soon.)

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