AVENGERS #46 (1967) 1st Whirlwind

Hank Pym changes his identity again, going from Goliath back to Ant-Man. And speaking of identity changes, Black Widow has become full-time Natasha so she can spend more time with Hawkeye.

This inspired Cap…

…Cap thinks about changing his identity and going full-time Steve. Because he’s in love with Peggy Carter.

For the action elements of this issue: Wasp is introduced to her new chauffer, but it turns out he’s really The Human Top, who ALSO has a new identity–as “Whirlwind.” And although Hank and Jan beat him last time, this time he humiliates the team.

Quicksilver is particularly upset about Whirlwind’s success.

But as part of his master plan, Whirlwind shrinks Goliath and Wasp.

Then the other Avengers show up and beat him up, and as a result of being small again, Hank decides to return to being Ant Man.

So, many identity changes in this issue. That’s the theme.

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