AVENGERS #63 (1969): 1st Goliath

Avengers #63: In which we meet Hawkeye’s brother, and Clint Barton becomes Goliath, in an issue illustrated by Gene Colan.

Lots of sibling and mommydaddy issues in the early Avengers stories. I wonder if Roy Thomas had some kind of problem with his own family? I mean, there’s Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver/Magneto; Hawkeye and his brother; Simon Williams and The Grim Reaper (and Vision)…

It never ends.

But it was the “soap opera” nature of the title that made it so crisp and distinct from other team books.

Note: This issue starts a crossover with Captain Marvel and Sub-Mariner, where Egghead, Puppet Master, and Mad Thinker have teamed up. In this issue, they kidnap Black Widow.

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