Sensational She-Hulk #8 (1989): Christmas Issue; Byrne run ends

Okay, so this nontraditional series that breaks the fourth wall every issue would, of course, have a nontraditional Christmas issue—in which She-Hulk is introduced to Santa Claus by having him appear under her skirt.

And it’s a courtroom issue.  Santa helps Jennifer Walters gather evidence and win a case.

And Santa hits on her!

I think that’s all pretty funny, but I’m not an expert on political correctness, and I’m sure there’s something offensive about this. Honestly, these days it seems like the only way to know if something is funny is if someone is offended.

Sadly, this is where John Byrne leaves the book due, once again, to Marvel Editorial’s inability to keep him happy.  Or his inability to work under an editor.  Probably both are a little true.

Fun credits.

Also: She-Hulk fantasizes about Hercules.

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