UNCANNY X-MEN #180-182 (1984): 1st Amiko Kobyashi

Professor X has regained use of his legs. So he plays basketball.

Storm is upset and Professor never thought of her as a woman. Really???

Godamnit X. You gotta stop creeping on your students. It’s so uncool.

Doug Ramsey takes Kitty Pryde on a date to McDonald’s.

Kitty plays what looks like a Lockheed video game.

Some teammembers disappear into the Secret Wars.

And then they return in the very next issue…

They pop back in over Japan, and we get a Superman reference…

No, it’s not. It’s the X-Men, falling from the sky out of the belly of a giant dragon.

They try to handle her peacefully, but she doesn’t speak English very well.

In the battle, a woman is killed and Wolverine agrees to raise her daughter.

And we’re in Japan, so you know what that means…

Sunfire. Love the way John Romita Jr. draws him. But he, like the X-Men, is unable to stop the dragon. So…

Lockheed takes care of it.

Scott reappears separate from the others–and back in his honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Rogue goes home…

…Where she loses the ability to differentiate herself from the absorbed memories of Carol Danvers. She “saves” Danvers’ ex-boyfriend (rescues him off the SHIELD Helicarrier)…

… and tries to have a relationship with him–because, again, she can’t distinguish Danvers’ memories from her own.


He’s not into it.

Very interesting story, very well done. Claremont is an expert at this kind of soap opera writing.

Also upon their return, we get back to the story about how Colossus has dumped Kitty (that’s why she was on a date with Doug Ramsey, above). Peter’s teammates aren’t happy about his behavior.

Kitty turns to Storm, who reveals she is going away for a while.

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