AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #340-343 (1990-1991): Powerless; 1st Femme Fatales, Mindblast, Knockout, Cardiac


Why do writers think that people who have superpowers would want to get rid of them.  I never understand stories like this.  Ridiculous.

Anyway, the guy in the blue shirt is Dr. Turner. But he’s really Chameleon.  He takes Spidey’s powers away after Spider-Man fights with the new baddie group the Femme Fatales.

Some of them are new, some are from Spider-Man’s recent team-up with Wolverine in Marvel Comics Presents.  None of them are particularly interesting.  But they kick Spidey’s ass, and make him think about his own mortality, which then has him go to Dr. Turner to get his powers removed so he can focus on being Peter Parker and not leave May with nobody to support her.

The cover self-consciously likens this to Spider-Man’s recent, giant power-up.

I guess as motivating forces go, it’s adequate.

Anyway, villains like Tarantula and Scorpion find out that Spidey’s powerless.  How’d they find out?  Because Dr. Turner was really Chameleon.  And for some dumb reason, Peter Parker puts on his costume to fight them.  Uh…The whole point was to STOP being Spider-Man, not to keep doing it without powers.  That makes it ever MORE likely that Aunt May will be left all alone!

Meanwhile, Black Cat is still dating Flash Thompson, and she looks hot…

…only he doesn’t know that she’s Black Cat– and the two of them help out the powerless Peter.  Ugh.

Big battle at the end with all the villains, including Cardiac who first appears in this story, and Peter gets his powers back.

And Willie Lumpkin delivers mail to Aunt May and tells her she hit the jackpot.

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