LONGSHOT #3 (1985): 1st Mojo

Who can’t relate to this..:

That fucking Doublemint jingle deserved to die!

Issue #3 opens on an everyman, sick of his grinding life, who attempts suicide.

So much suicide in the 1980s!  Longshot saves the man, who then convinces Longshot that they should steal some diamonds from a local energy company.

Turns out, the guy seems to have the opposite power of Longshot: He creates BAD luck! And his experience with Longshot teaches him that his life is actually worth living…

It’s a public service message!

It’s very unusual to have a miniseries where, smack dab in the middle of establishing a new character and the world around him, we take a sidestep into the life of a “normal” dude. I love Ann Nocenti.

And speaking of the world around Longshot…

There are some flashbacks to Mojoworld—kinda scary stuff. We see Mojo for the first time and learn that Gog is coming for his son, the same way his son, Magog (allied with Spiral), appears to be coming for Longshot.

At the end of this issue, Art Adams and Ann Nocenti appear in one panel, reading about Longshot.

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