ROM #54-55 (1984): Rick Jones has cancer

Poor Rick Jones.  He spent most of his history being a second-rate sidekick—he was Bucky after the real Bucky.  He was a “friend” to Hulk but was cast aside for a different, black kid.  He was shunted off the negative zone every time Captain Marvel had to use his powers on Earth.  And now he has cancer in a toy comic—after Captain Marvel had it, in the first Graphic Novel of all time and a book widely recognized as one of the best and most important of all time.  And this isn’t even a comic Rick has been in before, so nobody would ever know to look for him here!

Also in this issue…

Doc Strange boards the Helicarrier to join Nick Fury and ROM’s war against the Dire Wraiths.

It all ties together: The Wraiths are trying to poison the blood supply of the hospital where Rick is being treated.  Poor dude just can’t catch a break.

Although I’m wondering, if ROM’s neutralizer could cure the gamma mutations experienced in recent issues of Hulk, why can’t he cure Jones’ gamma-induced cancer?

Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan and his cabinet are hip to ROM’s presence.

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