AVENGERS #358-359 (1993): Arkon

avengers return of arkon

Yeah, Arkon is back and he’s still lame.  It’s another fairly generic story about him, but it’s fine for what it is.

The important part of this episode is what happens with Sersi.


Yeah, she kills someone.  Gods will do that.

It’s important because soon she’ll be falsely accused of murder, and this issue forms the basis for the team’s difficulty in trusting her.

Avengers is starting to get good again at this point.  The next few Proctor issues finally, after about 20 issues of the dude hanging around the fringes, start to pay off.

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  1. I’m with Sersi! Sometimes, in some situations, there is a legal precept known as “justifiable homicide”! You would think that the Avengers, of all people, would be aware of this! Crime-fighting and world-saving is not for the squeamish, or faint of heart! Sometimes these hateful bastards just have to be put down like mad dogs! Better that than to have them overrun our world! The World Court understands this, which is why certain peacekeeping organizations such as the Avengers are granted certain leeway in these matters! Thank goodness for common sense!


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