Marvel Comics Presents #89 (1991) Mojo, Spitfire

Two very minor characters get solo stories. That’s a good thing for an anthology like this.

First, Dan Slott and Rita Fagiani (who drew exactly two Marvel comics) show us Selene hunting Spitfire. It’s a cool idea–Selene thinks that because Spitfire has found a way not to age (from getting a transfusion of the original Human Torch’s “blood”), she’ll have exceptional power for Selene’s vampiric hunger to stay immortal. Selene fails, of course.

Superstar and legend Jim Starlin inks this tale. Anyone know why? Did he have some kind of connection to Fagiani? He couldn’t possibly have needed the money–what could Marvel has possibly paid for 8 pages in an anthology?

It’s a fine episode for this kind of comic. C+.

Next: Mojo. Also by Dan Slott.

Also early art by Joe Madureira on the Mojo story, where the extradimensional film producer sends a documentary crew to film the X-Men, but finds that they’re boring.  Must be the rare moment where nobody’s fighting them.  So he tries to make things more interesting.

Anyway, it’s played for humor and it’s pretty good.  Dan Slott is a solid humor writer.

I’m not sure why people love this guy so much, but I don’t.

Grade C.

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