PUNISHER #3-4 (1996)

In #3, Punisher, now a mob boss, takes on a Yakuza clan operating in his territory, while Jigsaw, dressed in a Punisher suit, lurks closer. Jigsaw finally catches up to him in issue #4.

Daredevil arrives to break up the fight, after learning that Punisher is a crime boss now. He’s in red on the cover, but he’s wearing his original yellow duds on the inside. DD finds out when one of Punisher’s guys snitches.

When they meet, Punisher tells his side of the story.

Turns out, he likes being a mob boss. But, he tells Daredevil, he’s going to use the mob to protect his neighborhood.

Then, it’s the DD/Jigsaw/Punisher fight, which lasts only one page. The build up went on for several issues before this–kind of a let down.

In the end, Daredevil decides to let Punisher run a crime family but tells him he’ll be watching him.

Punisher and Daredevil have always been on the harsher side of the “good guy vigilante” spectrum. This is a fine comic. It’s not fantastic, but it’s good and it is certainly better than most Marvel books coming out at this time.

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