DAREDEVIL #183-184 (1982): Punisher/Angel Dust story


Technically, the Punisher arc started with issue #182, when Miller showed Frank Castle breaking out of prison, but #183-184 is the classic “angel dust” story, that for its time was so realistic that they gave a consulting credit (see above).


I must have read story twenty times, and I own it in three different formats (original issues and two bound volumes).

Also in this tale: Matt Murdock continues his awful-and-terrible behavior towards Heather Glenn, and asks her to marry him. Exploring this dimension of Daredevil is brave–he’s a hero in costume, but as a person, he tears this poor woman apart, taking advantage of her repeatedly, because he feels like he has to dominate everything and everyone.

This story is one of the best of the 1980s.

Issue #183’s cover has received many homages.

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