Excalibur #66-67 (1993): Alan Davis run ends

In these issues we learn that Widget the Robot is from the Days of Future Past timeline, and was programmed by that future’s Kitty (“Kate”) Pryde to warn Rachel Summers, who traveled into the past and joined Excalibur, that the Sentinels of the future were coming back in time for her.

We also see that the future Sentinels are working on a time travel program that will allow them to jump in and out of any time they want.

Yeah, more head-scratching, but it’s done well.

So, the Sentinels jump back, capture Rachel and Widget, and the Excalibur team must save them. And they do more than that–they actually take over the Sentinel’s time program and save the entire future.

It’s a rare happy ending.

The Excalibur team returns to the past, and Rachel goes with them, saying that she feels more at home in the 616-timeline with her friends.

This is a surprisingly good couple of issues, even given my bias against time-travel.

It is also the end of Alan Davis’ work as writer/artist of this series.  He goes out well, wrapping up his storylines and leaving a clean slate for the next creators.

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