FURY/BLACK WIDOW: DEATH DUTY (1995): 1st Night Raven in the 616

This is interesting: The future cocreator of Walking Dead drawing a Nick Fury/Black Widow OGN.

The plot is a typical espionage story mixed with a crime noir. It doesn’t work very well. Widow and Fury are in Russia investigating a murder at the American Embassy that is tied to the Russian mafia, and they connect with Marvel UK character Night Raven, who now becomes part of the 616.

Night Raven is a vigilante who was pretty popular in the UK. He’s also immortal and wants to kill the woman who made him that way, whose name is Yi Yang–also making her 616 debut.

Widow and Ivan Petrovitch try to serve as a governor against Raven’s killer instincts.

Both Raven and Yi Yang appear to die in this story.

If you turn your brain off, the book is very well drawn and a fun story.

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