Iron Man #206 (1986)

It’s the return of White Goliath!  I mean White Power Man!  

No, I mean Bad Goliath.

Eric Josten has the unfortunate legacy of being the “white and evil” version of two (actually three) characters whose black/hero versions are much better known.  We last saw him as part of the Lethal Legion, in the Vision/Scarlet Witch saga, and now he’s in Avengers Jail.  I bet you didn’t know they had one?  Not Project Pegasus and not Rykers. Avengers jail.

He escapes and manages to trick his jailers into being kept in his own jail.  Then there’s a fight and the heroes win.

Hawkeye and Mockbird try to provide comic relief.

But they can’t hitch a ride in a cop car to get home.

That’s about it.  We also get a little bit of development in the Tony Stark Space Station story.

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