THUNDERBOLTS #45-47 (2000-2001): Maximum Security

This is the Maximum Security tie-in. Scourge comes after Techno, cuts off his arms, but it’s immediately regenerated because of nanoparticles.

But he returns for a rematch and seemingly kills the cyber-being formerly known as Fixer…

Then throws Helmut’s helmet at him (seemingly confirming that Zemo is really, truly dead).

But few people truly die in comics. In this very arc, in fact, Jolt returns–after Scourge thought he had killed her.

The Maximum Security event generally interferes with ongoing storylines like finding the missing Moonstone, who is in space fighting Kree as part of the event. Kinda meta, eh? She’s pulled away due to an event just like us readers of this series are forced to set aside ongoing storylines for the same event.

Throughout, the team does find Moonstone–and also Genis Vell.

They do space stuff that ties into the main event, nonessentially mostly, except that Moonstone learns about the origin of her stone.

And there’s this guy:

John Watkins, Citizen V.

Does all this feel like a lot? It does to me. But then, Fabian Niceiza is the author of this series now. Note that Bagley comes back to do the art on the last issue of this arc.

I like how the final panel sums up how many storylines there are going on.

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