CLASSIC X-MEN #35-37 (1989)

Ann Nocenti takes a three-issue break from writing back-up features that fill-in gaps in X-Men history, and we get three fill-ins. The first is by David Edelman, with art by Classic X-Men’s regular (wonderful) artist, John Bolton. It’s all a dream of Kitty Pryde. Pretty much a throw-away, but not a terrible diversion. Chronologically, it takes place right before she stows away on a Hellfire Club craft after Emma Frost captured Storm in #129, so we get a glimpse of those characters.

Then, it’s two stories by Fabian Nicieza and Mark Bright (#36)/Rick Leonardi (#37). The first is about Moira MacTaggert, and starts with her visiting her parents’ graves with her boyfriend, Banshee, and ends with her trying to clone her son, Legion, and failing.

The second story is Dazzler-focused. It’s a pure character piece about her wrestling between being a singer or a superhero. Meh.

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