Dazzler #38 (1985): w/X-Men; 1st OZ Chase and Cerberus

New writer!  New artist!  New costume!  Still not a great comic!  But much better.

The big change in this issue is giving Dazzler a new costume with tech that helps her powers be stronger.

Plus, a couple X-Men show up because Dazz says she wants to join the team and apparently the initiation process is that Wolverine and Colossus trash your apartment and beat the hell out of you.  Then Cyclops shows up at the end to say good job and Dazzler decides she doesn’t want to join after all.

So, it’s basically a mindless hero-versus-hero issue, but it’s fine for what it is.

Dazzler doesn’t actually join the X-Men this issue, but i guess she proves herself worthy of the team, leaving open the possibility of actually joining for the future.

The first few pages introduce bounty hunter O.Z. Chase and his mean dog Cerberus.

He was hired by a guy named Dust who also debuts here but won’t appear outside of these last issues of Dazzer’s book, so I’m not tagging him.

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