AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #161-163 (1976): 1st Jigsaw

This issue has the first appearance of Jigsaw, but first, the X-Men.

Wolverine cuts up Nightcrawler’s newspaper, and Kurt is mad so he goes off to Coney Island, where someone shoots a kid on a rollercoaster.

Pete changes to Spider-Man, and comes upon Nightcrawler holding the gun (which was left behind by the shooter).

So, of course, they fight.

Then Punisher arrives…

Only he’s sanitized for criminals’ protection.

Rubber bullets? Gas grenades? Come on.

It’s all fairly contrived, down to where a bunch of hoods get the drop on Spider-Man and capture him, so he can be trussed up in chains by Jigsaw.


And it all ties to a Kingpin “life-force stealing” machine.

Again, ridiculous.

This started out good but got silly.

More importantly, in this issue Peter Parker is a total dick to Mary Jane.  Here, we see them on a date and he clearly orders a hot dog for her, and nothing for himself.

But then, in the very next panel…

He’s eating it!

What a dick!

(It’s probably a typo.)

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