A two issue miniseries (which reprinted shorter stories from Marvel’s Epic Magazine) written by Stan Lee and drawn by the brilliant Moebius. Galactus comes to Earth and offers to be God of Earth. Now, Mark Gruenwald had just told a story of superheroes-trying-to-create-Utopia in the Squadron Supreme maxiseries, but Parable is still one of the earlier versions of this story. It predates the Wildstorm universe, for example. And of course Galactus isn’t a “hero,” but he’s not exactly a villain, either.

Surfer fights him off. And the humans are pissed at him for doing it.

Anyway, this is a cult classic. The art is incredible and Stan turns in some of the most crisp and modern writing he’s done since leaving Amazing Spider-Man so long ago.

Pretty sure this is NOT canon, since no one other than Surfer and Galactus appear and, if G arrived to conquer the 616 Earth, I’m sure that The Fantastic Four and Avengers would have something to say about it.

Still, great read.

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  1. I cannot understand why everybody goes on and on and on about how great this Mr. Moebius person is. I do not find his art-style to be the least-bit “avant-garde”, or interesting, in the least. Reverence of Moebius and his artwork falls under the heading of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” syndrome, aka, “Bad is Good”. Doesn’t work for me. Since I believe this was Stan Lee’s final ‘Silver Surfer’ script, wouldn’t the appropriate artist for this project have been John Buscema, or at least Jack Kirby?? People- bad is NOT good!!!


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