Amazing Spider-Man #31-34/472-475 (2001)

These issues are part of an overall slow-burn being choreographed by JMS and JR Jr. After the bombshells dropped in the first issue of this team’s run, we start getting some details.

Ezekiel, who claimed spider-kinship with Peter, is filthy rich and owns a company. He got rich by using his powers–something Peter swore he wouldn’t do after Uncle Ben was killed. We also learn that Morlun is part of an ancient cult of people who hunt guys with totem-powers, like Ezekiel and Peter. Ezekiel suggests that he and Peter can actually communicate with spiders…


“Individually, spiders are morons.” It’s a great and funny line–but it has depth to it. Peter has to learn to stop going solo because if he doesn’t team up with Ezekiel, he will be killed.

‘m sure lots of people thought this was stupid, but I love how it makes sense out of Stan Lee’s predilection towards animal villains….

animal villains

They’re all totems!

Ezekiel says that he has a way to help Peter hide himself from the spider hunters. Peter refuses the offer.

Finally, Morlun attacks and beats the crap out of Spider-Man for two issues.


Although Spider-Man loses the fight and is forced to flee, Spidey gets a sample of Morlun’s blood and studies it. He sees it is made up of animal and insect DNA–and thinks maybe he can scientifically engineer a way to beat him.

Along the way, Spider-Man stops a school shooting which now, given the number of these every year in the U.S., is kind of chilling. And Aunt May suggests that Peter become a teacher, which he does.


JMS might be the best writer of Aunt May ever. He really “gets” how to use her in stories and how to show her relationship with Peter.

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