UNCANNY X-MEN #139-140 (1980): 1st Brown Wolverine, “Logan”


Over a dozen issues ago, we heard Wolverine start to introduce himself to Mariko as “Lo-“–now we learn the rest of his name.  Claremont and Byrne also change the colors on his costume, without anyone in the comic itself noticing.  It’s part of the maturing of the character, but that was a long time to wait for the “Logan.”  These stories are marked by patience and long-form storytelling, something we don’t see nearly as much of anymore given how creators move around so much and there are so many #1 issues of everything.

Also, Kitty gets her Sprite codename from Storm, after rejecting Xavier’s suggestion of Ariel.

All that is enough good stuff, but also in these issues we get the return of Wendigo.

Wolverine helps Alpha Flight deal with the menace.

In addition…Great, iconic cover!

The “hope you survive the experience” tagline will be used over and over. It’s great writing!

And the cliffhanger has Blob escaping Federal custody, the “Maximum X Security Penitentiary.” I don’t think Marvel did much with this prison–it was a good idea, but like so many of Chris Claremont’s ideas, it kind of just disappeared. He threw so much out there it was simply impossible to keep up.

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  1. Logan’s color change started when the X-Men were fighting the Imperial Guard, and Logan disappeared for most of the fight going one-on-one with “Timber Wolf”, who wore those colors. When Logan returned (and Wolf didn’t), he was wearing what has left of Wolf’s costume, and he kept the colors.


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