FANTASTIC FOUR #28 (1964): FF meet X-Men

This is the first time that the Fantastic Four, as a team, meet the Uncanny X-Men.  –but Stan is quick to point out that Human Torch has met one of the X-Men earlier.

You gotta love the constant continuity references.

Puppet Master controls Professor X, and gets him to tell the X-Men to attack the Fantastic Four.

They do all kinds of cool things to them, like freezing Thing’s feet…

And “telekinetically” making Thing off-balance.

But apparently Beast lacks the ability to jump off a ball.

Or otherwise adjust his tactics.  In fact, Mr. Fantastic seems a little too skillful in this issue.

He does get himself wrapped up though.

At the start of the issue, Ben and Alica have a little conversation and we see that she is a sculptress.  

This is just another layer to the coolness that is the relationship between Puppet Master, his daughter, and Thing.  I love this triangle–it’s one of my favorites in Marvel Comics.

Awesome Android is in this issue, too, with his creator The Mad Thinker. Briefly.

Last but not least: Thing falls in a hold again.

I told you it happens a lot during the Lee and Kirby days….

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