X-MAN #20 (1996)

Abomination kidnaps Threnody, in the aftermath of Apocalypse. This is the “real” Abomination–not the one from Future/Imperfect. And yet Joust and Roust–from that alternate future–are here with him, as part of his gang of “The Forgotten,” a gang Threnody used to be a part of long ago–before her association with Mister Sinister.

Apparently something must have happened during Apocalypse to bring Joust/Roust here, but I missed it because, frankly, I was skimming during that event.

Also, I found versions of the cover where Abomination was blue, and versions where he was green. The Future Imperfect Abomination was blue.

Anybody know what was going on here?

X-Man rescues her from captivity. There’s some weirdness about how X-Man didn’t really fight Abomonation because he’s learning to form a psychic projection that can fight for him.

There’s also some more Selene stuff, as she heads back to Hellfire Club with the resurrected Madelyne Pryor, but that’s build-up. More later, I’m assuming. Although honestly there are so many interlocking and dropped storylines these days, I won’t be surprised if this all goes nowhere.

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