UNCANNY X-MEN #179 (1984): 1st Leech

Colossus has been turned into a statue. The Morlocks can help…But won’t. So, Kitty Pryde agrees to marry Caliban to save Peter’s life.

Masque, also a Morlock, displays her powers.

Pretty creepy. Masque uses the power to create a fake Kitty, while the Morlocks hold the real one in the sewers.

But you can’t fool Wolverine.

The real Kitty tries to make a break for it, but her powers fail her. That’s because of a Morlock with the power to sap other mutant powers–the first appearance of the young Warlock and future X-Factor member Leech.

His physical appearance will evolve to be “cuter” later on, when he becomes a young ward of X-Factor.

At the altar, Kitty gets cold feet.

Caliban shows surprising sensitivity in the end–letting Kitty out of the marriage because she doesn’t love him.

It’s a pretty sweet take on beauty and the beast.

So Kitty stays single, but nevertheless, huge sacrifice for her.

And then Peter the dickwad dumps her in a few issues. What a fucking heel.  Of course, being turned into a statue by the evil mutants kind of explains it.

Rogue absorbs Colossus’ armor power, reverting him to human, and then the morlock Healer (1st appearance) makes sure he is healed from the underlying wounds.

And Caliban let’s Kitty off the hook after Peter is healed.

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