Sensational She-Hulk #37 (1992)

On the cover, John Byrne makes fun of the editorial mandate to include one of the big three in every issue.  Nicely done.

And then on the splash page, he makes fun of the “cheesecake” elements of She-Hulk by having Living Eraser rub one out on her breasts.  (People were often critical of Byrne’s tendency to show Shullkie in glamor/revealing poses, especially in a book that’s female-focused and, at least in theory, a vehicle for some level of feminism

Storywise, Wyatt Wingfoot and She-Hulk return from their romantic trip together last issue to find Living Eraser in her apartment, and he teleports them to his own dimension where, She-Hulk learns, she is hailed as a physically perfect woman.  So the splash page joke was actually an introduction to the theme of the story.

As part of the tale, Eraser erases everything and there are literally two pages that are just white.  Nothing else.  Until She-Hulk busts through and yells at John Byrne for talking what he did in Alpha Flight many years ago.

Another solid issue in a struggling series.

And also a nice house ad at the end for the relatively new Trade Paperbacks being published by Marvel.

This one makes frun of Byrne’s old new/old X-Men house ad.

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  1. Good post. This shows (what I thought was) the coloring error that was on the cover of issue #1. In the add for the trade at the end, her neck part of the costume is white, which looks good. On the cover of #1, it is a pale yellow-green. But then again, the same pose/outfit is on the cover of issue #60, which also has the neck piece yellow-green.

    Important stuff. 🙂


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