This is one of my favorite miniseries.  In issue #1, we get the set up: Hercules acts like a sexist bonehead on Olympus, and Zeus is not amused.

So, he banishes his son–not to Earth, but to outer space. 

Why is this series so great?  Because it takes on Thor–remember, when he used to travel through space?  Hercules has always been a D-list Marvel hero, and the decision to do what Thor did–complete with a Rigellian Recorder robot (which Bob Layton portrays brilliantly)–was ballsy.

But it worked because it was genuinely funny!  Like this scene where he shouts into a God Horn to a spacecraft…

It’s also genuinely touching.  In the first issue, Hercules runs around looking for big people upon whom to bestow his “gift,” which basically means he punches them.  But when he finds the biggest, strongest alien in an outer space bar and hits him…

Everyone at the bar calls him a bully, which he is, and is furious with him.  And just when they are forcing him off the satellite, he has the chance to save everyone and becomes the hero.  Thus, he is learning the true meaning of heroism and humility.

Issue #2 picks up with Hercules is still on the space station (which is really a space community), but he’s out of money and needs to pay up after losing a bet.  He bet without having money because…

So, he decides to respond to an ad in which a space millionaire asks for help saving his daughter, who is being held hostage by an alien king.  We get some nice combat against robots, and Hercules has a creative way of destroying the king’s fleet so it can’t chase him by throwing a robot’s head through the ships.

Humor and action in one book!  Eventually, he saves the girl, who gets him a new costume.

He doesn’t actually wear this costume for the rest of volume one.  In Volume 2, though, it becomes his standard gear.

As it turns out she wasn’t a hostage after all, she just didn’t want her dad to know she was in love with an alien.  Hercules still gets the cash, though, and pays off his debt (there’s some pretty funny twists there, too).  Also, along the way, Recorder gets arrested and has this exchange with a junkie cellmate…

After joining in a space war in #3, we get to the big finale…

Hercules takes on Galactus, and his new herald…

After traveling across the galaxy to find the best alcoholic beverage in the universe, Hercules finds out that the snail-like creators of the elixir are going to be eaten by the big G.  Because his herald (and Johnny Storm’s ex-girlfriend) Frankie Raye, doesn’t like snails.

Hercules realizes he isn’t strong enough to beat Galactus.

So Hercules pulls a switcheroo, inviting him to a drinking contest and pouring the strongest alcohol in the galaxy into Galactus’ drink. Bob Layton leads us to believe that Herc’s trick is working–Galactus is getting drunk and sleepy!

But it doesn’t work because Galactus is too powerful to get drunk.  He was just messing with Herc.

Still, in the end, Galactus was amused enough to spare the planet, so Herc ends his miniseries being a hero! And takes Nova to bed.

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