Marvel Team-Up #125 (1983): Spidey and Tigra; Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch

Two stories for the price of one.

First, we learn that since leaving The Avengers, Tigra has become a minor sex symbol with a TV career.  She and Spider-Man flirt their way through a short battle against a big, bald, strong guy who appeared in the very first Tigra story.  We get a moment of Spidey realizing that he really doesn’t want to date Tigra, he wants to date Black Cat.  How do you confuse an amazingly hot girl in tight leather who has a bit of a bondage fetish with a werecat?

The second, unrelated story teams up Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch.  They’re a natural pair, and the story isn’t terrible but ain’t great. Kerry Gammill does the art on both, with Mary Jo Duffy stepping in to write the back-up feature.

There haven’t been nearly as many letters from creators lately, but in this issue we get one from future professional comic writer Fred Van Lente.  Looks like he’s fishing for a no-prize.

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