Punisher War Journal #12-13 (1989): Acts of Vengeance

The beginning of issue #12 is pretty cool—each page is a set of side-by-side panels (see above) showing Punisher and Bushwacker doing similar things in different contexts.

This is the Acts of Vengeance tie-in: Kingpin hires Bushwacker to kill Punisher.

Bushwacker at first doesn’t want to take the contract—because he’s a Daredevil villain—so Loki, the God of Mischief, gets involved and tells him that Punisher is friends with DD and his death will hurt Daredevil.  

It’s nice to see Loki “stirring the pot” because he doesn’t do nearly enough of that in the Acts of Vengeance event.

The first fight ends in a stalemate, so Punisher tracks down Bushwacker’s girlfriend.

Bushwacker busts through walls a lot. Hey! Kool Aid! And he tries to down Punisher in a fishtank.

After a destructive rematch fight at Bushwacker’s girlfriend’s house…

…She tries to escape…

And we end up in a rainy bridge fight.

Bushwacker is hanging by his fingertips from a bridge.  Punisher leads him through a Catholic confession…

…And then stomps his fingers.

Chaotic violence is what I want from a Punisher comic. But we also get a full panel of character development for Bushwacker.


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