ASTONISHING TALES #14-20 (1972-1973)

Astonishing Tales #14 is a reprint.

Issue #15 begins the “Ka-Zar in the City” arc. So of course he fight a street gang.

Bobbi Morse is still accompanying him. Except when Nick Fury yells at her.

He’s yelling about a Super Serum. That becomes a running plot, as this book moves towards SHIELD-style superheroics. Between moments of Ka-Zar stalking pimps and drug dealers through the city.

Bobbi gives us all a nice little recap of the history of the serum.

Well done.

Gemini gets his hands on the serum. (Remember him from issue #8? Bet you thought that was an unrelated done-in-one, huh?). And it makes him powerful enough to take down Ka-Zar. Then Ka-Zar’s brother, now wearing a costume, shows up and steals it from Gemini.

Parnival also has the ability to control Gog, a dinosaur-like monster from the Savage Land.

But Gog turns on Parnival, and tries to kill him with the Statue of Liberty.

That’s a pretty nifty little twist in an otherwise generic adventure.

The serum changes hands over and over in these issues, and eventually. a scientist takes it and becomes a new villain, Victorius.

These are the last Ka-Zar stories in Astonishing Tales.

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