Amazing Spider-Man #153-156 (1976): 1st Mirage; Doc Ock returns

Len Wein takes over as writer.  Lots of lameness here, but I dig this panel.

mary jane peter lick

And I love when Spider-Man and Mary Jane slow-dance to Kung Fu Fighting.

Wein starts with several small threats that are tied together by Wilson Fisk.  Kingpin fixes football in #153 (a crime that frankly seems beneath Spider-Man).

Fisk frees Sandman in #154.

I didn’t understand what the point of #155 was. Some kind of evil computer. Issue #156 has the first appearance of Mirage.

Through it all, there are frequent flashes to a mystery homeless man who craves alcohol.  Who could he be? We find out in the last panel of #156…

Oh!  Doc Ock is back!   And…He looks like shit.

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