Look at that awesome cover.  Don’t you totally want to see that?

Okay.  They’re starting small.  Wonder Man reading a bedtime story to Vision and Scarlet Witch’s twins.  Wow they’ve grown quick.  

Okay, then some robots attack the Avengers, sent by alien “examiners” who are trying to see why the team is known throughout the universe.  (Guys—you visited the wrong team.  This is the one with Hawkeye and Mockingbird.)

And where the Hell is the composite Avenger I was promised on the cover?


There he is!

Wait!  It’s the last page!  And it’s not to be continued?!?  The aliens are creating him way over in their own universe, and we’ll never even see him fight the West Coasters?????


One thing: Moon Knight shows signs of actual schizophrenia.

I think this is the first time it’s been this explicit.


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