STRANGE TALES #135-147 (1965-1966): Dr. Strange stories only; 1st Eternity

The Dr. Strange half of Strange Tales has turned into one, long-running fight against the team of Baron Mordo and Dormammu. The Ancient One has been alluding to a being named Eternity, and Strange finally completes his quest to find Eternity in #138.

What will this mean for the future of Marvel?  In retrospect, we know.  But Eternity was the first of the cosmic/mystic figures.  We had yet to meet the likes of Galactus, Grandmaster, Shaper of Worlds, etc. Collector and Stranger had been introduced, but not as Elders of the Marvel Universe.

Steve Ditko does good stuff with hands during his Doc Strange run.

Sadly, the Dr. Strange work is not much better.  The stories suffer from constant creator turnover and plotlines that feel like they’re constantly repeating themselves.

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